Concept 500 and M2 are featured on What Hi-Fi?'s Bristol Sound & Vision show preview.

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Quote: 'This year, the company has two five-star winners taking centre stage. The first is the Concept 500 speaker, which for £4000 are absolutely superb speakers. The second is the M2 soundbase. At £300, it's fantastic value for money and a great way to improve your TV's sound.'

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What Hi-Fi? online attracts 11.31 million total visits a month.


M2 features on Trusted Reviews as part of its round-up of the 'Best Soundbar 2018: The 11 best soundbars and soundbases'

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Quote: 'This unassuming little box does wonders for your TV’s sound. The performance is far more spacious than you’d assume just looking at it.

Tonal balance is neutral, never adding too much bass or making voices sound crispy. There are no fancy virtual surround modes, but if you want something to straight-up boost your TV’s audio performance, this will do nicely.'

Trusted Reviews attracts 34.36 million total visits a month


QED XT25 is reviewed by Alpha-Audio (Netherlands)

Chrome Translated Quote: “The QED XT25 is a wonderful cable. And it performs extremely well for the money. For less than € 100 you have a very nice set that allows you to lift every system to the next level. (If you have not yet invested in cables). Recommended!”

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The new Concept 300 loudspeakers from Q Acoustics come with their own stands for better sound. Jon Myles explains all.

Standmount loudspeakers have some definitive advantages over floorstanders – size (obviously), price (usually) and the fact that their smaller cabinet size gives a sense of cleanliness and focus to musical replay.
Cartridge design has changed very little over the years. There have been some differences in the generator unit itself...
Find out about our latest news and reviews for our range of products
See what the press have to say about our new Q Acoustics Concept 300 Speakers.
Goldring is starting to ship its new Ethos moving coil cartridge; a top-of-the-range cartridge with outstanding sound reproduction capabilities, designed and hand-built in the United Kingdom. Measurements and listening tests show that the design of Ethos has achieved new heights of performance both on paper and in practice.
What Hi-Fi?'s Best Speaker Packages.
Quote: 'Q Acoustics' 3010i bookshelf speakers form the basis of this excellent speaker package. It's a beautifully-balanced system with an expressive centre channel and a clear, musical presentation..'

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Top Ten Reviews updated their ranking of best floor standing speakers & the 3050s have taken the top spot for "Best Overall". This site is very highly ranked site on Google and our first coverage with them.

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The 3020s were featured in a Popular Mechanics roundup of "Best Bookshelf Speakers," winning the category for "Best Small Speaker.".

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Concept 500 and M3 soundbar feature in the first issue of new monthly design and architecture magazine, enki:
They appear as part of a feature on home cinema, audio and multi-room. The Concept 500 is pictured and appears in the 'Sound' section while the M3 is recommended as a budget option in the 'enki chooses' section.

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The Concept 20 has been nominated as one of the best 30 hi-fi speakers of What Hi-Fi?'s lifetime.
Quote: 'The strength of the competition at their price is fierce, but it speaks to the talents of Q Acoustics' Concept 20s that they remain a favourite.'

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M4 featured in TechRadar Super Bowl buying guide under the category of "The Best Sound Bar For The Super Bowl". M2 is reviewed on Trusted Reviews, receiving a 4.5 out of 5 star rating and a 'Trusted Reviews Recommended' award.
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M4 featured in TechRadar Super Bowl buying guide under the category of "The Best Sound Bar For The Super Bowl". M2 is reviewed on Trusted Reviews, receiving a 4.5 out of 5 star rating and a 'Trusted Reviews Recommended' award.
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The M2 is featured on the Daily Mail online and in the Mail On Sunday national newspaper as part of its tech Christmas gift guide.
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Audica, the leading commercial loudspeaker company and part of Armour Home, will be exhibiting with Audiologic, the specialist provider of pro-audio and commercial sound equipment, at this month’s Independent Hotel Show at Olympia London.
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Goldring is starting to ship its new E Series Moving Magnet cartridges; a range of high performance, premium quality, British designed products for the resurgent turntable market.
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Audica, the leading commercial loudspeaker company and part of Armour Home, has played a key role in the creation of a new flagship showroom launched by Trison Worldwide, the audiovisual integration specialists.
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Systemline, Europe's leading manufacturer of installed music systems, has optimised the functionality of its innovative built-in music system to integrate with the new Amazon Echo Dot, the hands-free system you control with your voice.
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Systemline, the leading European manufacturer of installed music systems and part of Armour Home, the UK's leading provider of premium hi-fi, home theatre and entertainment products, has today officially launched E50.
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Award Winning Loudspeaker Company Q Acoustics is pleased to announce its multi-award winning '7000i' 5.1 Style Home Cinema Speaker package is to benefit from a subwoofer upgrade.
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Q Acoustics, the UK's fastest growing loudspeaker brand, has embarked on the next stage of its global growth by launching a range of its award-winning audio products in Canada.
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The wait is finally over! The UK's fastest growing loudspeaker brand is heading across the pond to take the US music scene by storm.
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The beautifully styled new Media 7000 is a small, yet hugely powerful and dynamic, Music and Home Cinema 2.1 Bluetooth amplifier and speaker package.
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Q Acoustics, the award-winning British loudspeaker brand, is very proud to introduce an all-new range of hi-fi stereo and home cinema loudspeakers (TV speakers).
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Q Acoustics, the award winning British loudspeaker company; introduces 'in-wall' models to its highly successful Q-Install range of built-in, custom installation loudspeakers.
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QAcoustics, the award winning British loudspeaker company; is pleased to announce the launch of 'Media 4'; an excellent new and genuinely hi-fi 'Soundbar' with aptX BluetoothTM connectivity and a built-in subwoofer.
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Make no mistake, the new Concept 40 is special. It delivers a sonic performance which until now, has only been enjoyed by those privileged enthusiasts who could afford wonderful, but very expensive, 'high end' loudspeakers.
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A Significant And Measurable Improvement In Digital Data Transfer. QED, the specialist UK hi-fi and home cinema connectivity manufacturer, is pleased to introduce its new Reference 'Real Glass' Optical Digital Interconnect..
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