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Q Acoustics, the award-winning British loudspeaker brand, is very proud to introduce an all-new range of hi-fi stereo and home cinema loudspeakers (TV speakers).

Designated the '3000 Series', the range consists of five new designs: two 'bookshelf' models, a floorstanding model, an active subwoofer and a dedicated home cinema 'centre channel' speaker.

Q Acoustics is a brand of Armour Home Electronics; George Dexter, its Managing Director, stated:
"The 3000 Series is another immense achievement by the Q Acoustics design team. It has beautiful new styling, perfect finishes and delivers clear sonic advances over Q Acoustics' all conquering, multi-award winning '2000i' models.

Mr Dexter continued:
"Without doubt Q Acoustics have 'raised the bar' yet again. After experiencing the unparalleled sound quality produced by the new models at their respective price points, we are confident they will become recognised as the very best affordable loudspeakers currently available."

Evolutionary and Revolutionary

The design of every Q Acoustics model starts with a blank piece of paper and the new 3000 Series is no exception to this rule. However, the performance advances achieved during the design of Q Acoustics' award winning 'Concept Series' loudspeakers means we understand that cabinet design and construction is paramount. Therefore, in addition to the many technical improvements to its drive units and crossover, the new 3000 Series benefits from numerous advanced cabinet features imported from the award-winning 'Concept' models.

The 3000 Series' new ultra-low resonance cabinet design boasts dual layer front and top panels, targeted 'pivotal' internal bracing and 'minimal' rear mounted terminal plates. All these features enhance cabinet strength, minimise resonance and reduce distortion by enabling the speaker's drive units to perform at their very best.

The new 3000 Series tweeter is a revolutionary '2 in 1' Concentric Ring Dome design which embodies the sonic advantages: extremely low distortion and extra wide dispersion, of both 'Ring radiator' and 'Dome' type high frequency drivers. For ultimate sonic performance, the tweeter is also mounted into a butyl rubber, resonance absorbing housing.

The tonal quality of the bass/midrange drivers has been improved by upgrading the cone material to a mix of paper/aramid fibres*.

The improved new crossover boasts more 'audiophile' components including 'u-core' inductors to reduce crosstalk between components. It's a fourth order 'Linkwitz/Riley' design, which minimises phasing problems between the drivers at the crossover frequency.

The appearance of the 3000 Series makes a striking design statement. As well as traditional 'Matte Graphite' and 'American Walnut' finishes; the 3000 models are also available in premium Lacquered Gloss Black, Lacquered Gloss White and 'Leather' finishes.


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