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09.05.2024 | News

Introducing 3000 generation c: Q Acoustics’ latest affordable, high-performance loudspeaker series

British audio specialist, Q Acoustics, introduces the affordable and high performance 3000c loudspeaker series. Building on the formidable legacy of the 3000i - Q Acoustics’ most popular and decorated speaker series - this new range continues the company’s unwavering track record of delivering a sonic performance and high-quality design and build way beyond its class. The 3000c is the perfect entry-point into a modern audiophile world or as a cost-effective speaker upgrade


07.05.2024 | News

Q Acoustics collaborates with London artist HATCH on customised M40

Q Acoustics has announced an exciting collaboration - HATCH x M40. Inspired by the positive power of music, the audio specialist commissioned talented artist and illustrator HATCH to design a one-of-a-kind pair of our M40 powered micro-towers. As you can see, these speakers capture and celebrate music's life-affirming force in a striking and riotous style.


02.05.2024 | News

Supreme Sound: QED Unveils Supremus Zr - Its Latest Next-Generation Flagship Loudspeaker Cable

Featuring leading-edge QED audio innovations, the new Zr model now boasts high-quality zirconia plugs and barrels. Used in watches and fountain pens and in automotive and aerospace industries, this advanced ceramic material is prized for its durability and high resistance to wear, temperature and eddy currents. Its lustrous surface also adds a luxury finish to the cable.


07.03.2024 | News

Meet the 5050: The Flagship Model in Q Acoustics’ 5000 Loudspeaker Series

British audio specialist Q Acoustics announces the arrival of the 5050 - the flagship model in its multiple award-winning 5000 stereo and home cinema loudspeaker series. The largest speaker in the range and available now, this floorstanding speaker has the scale, power, and poise to bring your music vividly to life.


15.02.2024 | News

Discreet design, towering sound: Q Acoustics introduces the M40 powered micro-towers

UK, 15th February 2024 British audio specialist Q Acoustics today introduces the M40 powered micro-tower wireless audio system, the most convenient and cost-effective way to fill your home with full-size, powerful and immersive sound without filling your home with big, imposing loudspeakers.


01.02.2024 | News

Goldring redefines sonic possibilities with a Special Edition model of its flagship Ethos moving coil cartridge

World-renowned analogue audio specialist, Goldring, introduces Ethos SE - a special edition of its award-winning Ethos model. Sitting at the very top of Goldring's range of moving coil cartridges, Ethos SE combines uncompromising engineering with unique new features to produce a cartridge of exquisite sound reproduction capabilities.



Supreme Sound: QED Unveils Supremus Zr - Its Latest Next-Generation Flagship Loudspeaker Cable



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