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It's FREAKING Fantastic! Q Acoustics Concept 500 wows New Record Day

Seeing a positive response to our audio products, whether from customers or the media always makes our day. One such review of Q Acoustics' flagship loudspeaker, Concept 500, by US YouTuber and audio expert, New Record Day is a case in point. Just read the quotes below and watch the video to see why.

"'s frankly a life-changing experience hearing the soundstage on the 500s because it doesn't come with the consequence of added piles of resonance on the music..."

"It keeps pace with some of the best speakers I have heard well above the price point of the Concepts."

On the issues of spectral decay, resonances and hidden energy: "Clearly this is as close to textbook as it gets and picks fights with the cleanest of clean waterfalls we have ever seen."

"It's been a good while since I've been able to fall in love with a boxed speaker..."

"...when you take resonances very seriously and wrestle them into submission and what you get is the performance in the room...I love these speakers - phenomenal."


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