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Clean up your act with QED's 5 star XT5 power cable

The QED XT5 is the AV cable company's first ever power cable and already looks to be a hit with the specialist press. Featuring proven and acclaimed X-Tube technology from its award-winning loudspeaker cable range, when deployed in a power cable it effectively regulates current flow to audio equipment so it's free to perform as its designers intended.

If you want a second opinion from other experts then please pour over these 5 star reviews from leading hi-fi magazines, Hi-Fi Choice and Hi-Fi World below. Hi-Fi Choice was so impressed with the XT5's performance it even stamped it with its Recommended award.

"A high quality cable that proves to be a worthwhile investment for any audio system...Well-made and flexible mains cable that delivers on its promise."
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"An attractively priced high-tech IEC cable that can make a real difference...Outstanding - amongst the best."
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Further reading: if you want to gen-up on how power cables can make a difference then please download and read our fascinating white paper on the XT5.

To discover more on the QED XT5 please visit


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