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A Significant And Measurable Improvement In Digital Data Transfer. QED, the specialist UK hi-fi and home cinema connectivity manufacturer, is pleased to introduce its new Reference 'Real Glass' Optical Digital Interconnect.

Cable Specification:

Each conductor consists of:-
Glass Optical Fiber (GOF) core of 300 50um borosilicate real glass surrounded by a polyethylene cladding material. A flexible padding material is added of 6.5mm diameter soft white PVC and an extruded PVC jacket 8mm diameter with pearlescent finish completes the assembly. Attenuation <0.015dB/m (650nm), Numerical Aperture 0.5, Angle of Incidence 608, minimum bend radius 50mm.

Directional: This cable features Tos-Link plugs and can be used in either direction.

Connectors: Hi-End close tolerance spring loaded Tos-Link plugs with Zinc Alloy plated brass barrels combined with "range identifier" insert.

Special features: Reference Optical Quartz is the first of its kind, consisting of 300 separate borosilicate glass fibres giving it a bandwidth of over 12MHz.This vastly exceeds the demands for high definition multi-channel digital audio. In contrast to conventional optical cables, this bandwidth is completely unaffected by bending the cable. Reference Optical Quartz gives over double the bandwidth of single acrylic glass fibers.

The above diagram shows the light rays in a typical single 1mm core plastic fiber. Light can take many paths to reach the far end causing the input signal to be distorted by timing differences between the different paths. We have calculated that the amount of jitter added by this phenomenon can be as large as 145ps in a 1m cable. Also there are losses due to light incident beyond the critical angle (yellow ray).

Compare this with the diagram below which shows a QED Reference Quartz cable. Because the fibres are so small (50mm) the different paths taken by the light rays are similar in length virtually eliminating the timing error and introducing less distortion. This has the effect of increasing bandwidth and the accuracy of the data transmission.


(Ensure that each output and input are fitted with Tos-Link sockets) Reference Optical Digital Cable is designed specifically for the digital transmission of S/PDIF signals between Digital source equipment and DAC devices.

Equipment interconnection: TV optical output to AV amplifier optical input. CD Player digital optical output to DAC or Digital Pre-Amp input. DVD player digital optical output to Surround Sound Amplifier input.

Available lengths: 1.0m, 3.0m

Additional Notes:

This is a wholly new QED digital interconnect featuring uprated glass optical fiber and is quantum leap in performance over ordinary POF fibers such as the Performance cable.


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