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Q Acoustics_What Hi-Fi.1_September 2019

What Hi-Fi? – Home Cinema Blockbusters

Make every night a movie night – or, these days box-set night – with a stunning home cinema system. Read Full Review


Concept 300 – Q Hits The Stands – HiFiWorld 5 Globes

The new Concept 300 loudspeakers from Q Acoustics come with their own stands for better sound. Jon Myles explains all. Standmount loudspeakers have some definitive advantages over floorstanders – size...

Taylor Swift used Q Acoustics 2010i Speakers at her latest Album secret listening session

Taylor Swift uses Q Acoustics 2010i for London listening party

Personally selected lucky group of fans got to hang out with Taylor Swift and hear the full Lover album at her home ahead of its release last this month. Although fans...


The Concept 300s are now featured on

“Q Acoustics’ Concept 300 speakers are visually arresting. They impress the ears as well” “Kamasi Washington will sound so blissfully pure that you might just achieve sonic enlightenment.” Click Here to read the...


New Review: The 3020i is reviewed on Expert Reviews, receiving a 5 out of 5 star rating and a ‘Best buy’ award.

‘The sound is quality is nothing short of superlative for the money, the look and feel is great; and they’re unfussy about where you put them…Thrilling, refined, room-filling sound for...


New Review: Forbes reviews the Q Acoustics 3050i Floorstanding Speakers

‘I’m in no way exaggerating when I say that these speakers punch way above their weight and should be auditioned alongside speakers costing twice the price. The Q Acoustics 3050i...


New Award: The Concept 300 is reviewed in the new issue of Hi-Fi Choice, receiving a 5 star rating, a ‘Hi-Fi Choice Recommended’ award

‘… a stylish standmount that walks tall.’ ‘Great-value, premium priced standmount.’


New Review: Q Acoustic 3050is are reviewed on The Audiophile Man receiving a 8 out of 10 rating and a ‘Groovy’ award

‘Q Acoustics should be congratulated for providing so many sonic goodies for the price here. The combination of midrange transparency and bass strength is pretty irresistible while all genres of...


New Review: Q Acoustics Concept 300 is reviewed on Techradar, receiving a 5 out of 5 star rating

‘Innovative tensegrity stand and inspired cabinet design elevate this standmount to premier league status.’ Click Here to read the review


New Review: Q Acoustics 3020i appears on Long Live Vinyl online, winning its best speaker under £500 award as part of its round-up of ‘Gear Of The Year 2018.’

‘Beautifully made and finished…The 3020Is offer superb midrange insight and tonal realism, giving these speakers an expensive feel.’ Click Here to read the review


New Review: The Best Bookshelf Speakers for Most Stereos – Q Acoustics 3020i The Wirecutter

“The Q Acoustics 3020i speakers stood out from more than two dozen pairs we tested because their audio and build quality is better than anything else in their price range.”...


New Review: Cnet has updated their list of best bookshelf speakers which now include Q Acoustics Concept 300s.

“I first heard the Concept 300 at a press preview in New York, and I immediately requested a pair for review.  At home the sound was pretty much what I...


New Review: Secrets of Home Theater & Hifi review of the Q Acoustics 3020i speakers

“Out of the gate their presentation was clear, smooth and much bigger than their diminutive dimensions would suggest.”  “A beautifully finished speaker, wide-open soundstage and a great sonic character. It’s...


New Review: Q Acoustics 3020i’s are featured in Gear Patrol’s buying guide: Best Speakers For Every Budget. The 3020is are included in the “Under $300” Category

“Q Acoustics is proving that the hype about their products abroad is legitimate when you sit down and listen to what the 3020i bookshelf loudspeakers can accomplish.” Click Here to read the...


New Review: The Masterswitch has laid out their picks for best Soundbases of 2019, and they’ve put the Q Acoustics M2 in the number 2 spot

“The M2 soundbase follows the company’s successful formula of great connectivity and impressive audio quality “We have to say this ticks nearly all the boxes for us” Click Here to...

soundstage access

New Review: Sound Stage Access reviews Q Acoustics 3050i Loudspeakers

“What most impressed me about the Q Acoustics 3050i was how well balanced it was in all ways.” “From top to bottom the 3050i sounded coherent, with a consistent tonal...


New Product: Q Acoustics Makes a Cutting Edge Design Statement with New Concept 300 Loudspeaker

“Harboring leading edge acoustic and speaker stand technology, the Concept 300 speakers are the company’s most progressive design yet, refining and advancing all the technological highlights of its bigger brother...


New Product: Q Acoustics Shows Off Tensegrity Speaker Stand That Kills Unnecessary Vibrations

“Interestingly, the Concept 300 arrives with an aluminum tripod stand that is not just an ordinary tripod stand but a completely new loudspeaker support concept. According to critics, the Tensegrity...


New Product: Q Acoustics Concept 300 speakers add a special air of elegance to any decor

“The stand is really unique here. The Tenegrity Stand and Isolation base is built uniquely to give a perfect displacement of the Concept 300. It’s a tripod, somewhat, and is...


New Product: Q Acoustics Concept 300: Magic happens when a budget audio brand makes $4,500 speakers

“So what happens when Q Acoustics, a high-value company whose speakers mostly range from $200 to $500, decides to let loose? First, you get the $6,000 Concept 500, a pair...


New Product: Q Acoustics Concept 300 speakers stand on spindly alien spider legs

“The most attention-grabbing part of the 300’s design is the new Tensegrity tripod stand, which is a combination of high-tensile wire and aluminum rods. The company says this stand is...


New Product: Q Acoustics Concept 300 Speakers – This speaker stand is magnificent

“Q Acoustics is known for high-end audiophile speakers that cost thousands of dollars, and its newest release, the Concept 300, follows suit. But for once, it’s not the speaker itself...


New Product: Q Acoustics Concept 300 Speakers – Q Acoustics’ Announces ‘Most Progressive’ Speaker Yet

“Hailed as its most progressive speaker yet, the Concept 300 is a two-way bass-reflex design said to refine and advance all of the technological highlights of the Concept 500” Click...


New Product: Q Acoustics Concept 300 Speakers – These Beautiful, Audiophile Speakers Are Every Architects’ Dream

“They’re beautiful and different, and, in many ways, they’re an achievement of both industrial design and sound. ” Click Here to read the article

Q ACOUSTICS_Concept 300_Black_Rosewood_Grill_Off_Lifestyle

New Product: Q Acoustics Concept 300 Bookshelf Speakers

Introducing the Concept 300 by Q Acoustics. Uncompromised performance, understated elegance. Introduction Since its founding in 2006, Q Acoustics has built an unrivalled reputation for designing, engineering and manufacturing innovative,...


Video: TekThing Reviews the Q Acoustics 3020i

Quote: “Ever since they started selling in the Unite States, a lot of audio reviewers have become smitten with Q Acoustics. After getting ears and eyes on their latest, the...


Review: Home Theater HiFi Reviews our 3050i Floorstanding Speakers

“The value for money of the Q ACOUSTICS 3050I is undeniable. For under a grand you can own a pair of remarkable speakers that not only sound great but also...


Review: SoundStage HiFi Reviews Our 3020i & 3050i Speakers

“Q Acoustics may be a young company with no tradition or old black-and-white photos, but their 3020i and 3050i prove that they’re right up with the best of the established...


Product Feature: Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar featured in Esquire – 23 Best Gift Ideas for Husbands

“Upgrade his TV-watching experience with this impressive sound bar. With a subwoofer built in, it takes the crappy audio coming from the monitor and makes it sublime.” Click here to...

hcc best buy badge v3

Review: Home Cinema Choice Reviews Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack 5.1 speaker system

‘To sum up, this is a masterful update of an already very talented 5.1 package. It retains the basic balance and natural tonality of the original but in an expanded...


Award: Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack has won Best Home Cinema Speakers Under £2K

“Q Acoustics are no stranger to awards and their revamped 3050i Cinema Pack picked up a Best Buy badge thanks to its competitive price and superb sound quality. The 3000i...


Do speaker cables make a difference?

Why do QED speaker cables make a difference?   Loudspeaker cables must deliver electrical power to the speakers and that means that they must have a large current carrying capacity....


Product Feature: The 3020i features on The Vinyl Factory as part of ‘A quick guide to the best speakers of 2018.’

‘Of the wood finish variants looked at for this piece, the design of the Q Acoustics 3020i, at this price point, is breathtaking. They really do look like pieces of...


Product Feature: The Concept 500s feature on Financial Times’ How To Spend It online has part of a round-up of ‘Five Christmas presents for techies.’

“These glossy new speakers, selling at just under £4,000 a pair, sound like a £20,000 product. The Concept 500s are not exactly handsome, but sound five-star near perfect. The bass was juicy and rich, but not...

hcc best buy badge v3

Award: Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack 5.1 Wins Home Cinema Chioce Award

“Q Acoustics hasn’t totally transformed its popular 3000 series 5.1 package, but has made it subtly better. Which means it’s very good indeed.” Read more at


Award: Q Acoustics 3050i 5.1 Wins What Hi Fi? Product of the Year!

Q Acoustics 3050i 5.1 Wins What Hi Fi? Product of the Year! We are delighted to announce the 3050i 5.1 cinema pack won What Hi Fi? Product of the Year...

2019 sound and image awards

Award: Q Acoustics 3050i Floorstanding Speakers win the Sound & Image 2019 Award

FLOORSTANDING SPEAKERS OF THE YEAR UNDER $2000 Q Acoustics 3050i Click Here to see the article.


Review: Business Insider published a review of the Q Acoustics 3020i, calling them the best speakers you can get for the price

“They don’t try to impress too much with extra boosted bass or overly scooped midrange — instead, they aim to offer accuracy, and they do so quite well.”…”for the price,...


Award: Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack Wins What Hi Fi? Best Speaker Package Award 2018

A supremely talented and enjoyable surround sound speaker package Click Here to see the review page


Award: Q Acoustics 3010i Cinema Pack Wins What Hi Fi? Best Speaker Package Award 2018

It’s hard to find fault with the Q Acoustics 3010i 5.1 Cinema Pack in either aesthetic or sonic terms Click Here to see the Awards page


Award: Q Acoustics M2 Soundbase Wins What Hi Fi? Best Soundbase Award 2018

The M2 throws out a sound big enough to match the biggest of TV screens Click Here to see the awards page


Review: Concept 500 Reviewed On Robb Report “Concept 500 loudspeakers would be the envy of almost any audio manufacturer.”

“…they really are remarkable. They sound as good—and in many cases, better—than speakers priced many times higher.”  “The speaker’s high-end range is sublime, capturing the nuance of each high-hat strike and allowing string...


Review: Video Review of the Q Acoustics 3050 Speakers


Award: Techhive Gives Q Acoustics 3020i Speakers 4.5/5 Stars + Editor’s Choice

“These speakers’ special distinction is a focus on soundstage optimization and unwavering clarity that serves almost every musical master exceedingly well, from classical to folk, rock to hip hop to...


Award: Q Acoustics 3000i receives it’s 5th What Hifi 5 star review!

‘It is worth stressing just how talented the 3050i 5.1 Cinema Pack is. It’s an instant hit, easily identifiable within moments of it being switched on. If you’re looking for...


Review: Cnet Reviews the Q Acoustics 3020i Bookshelf Speakers

“The affordable Q Acoustics 3020i give smooth, rich sound in a relatively compact design. The speakers are well built, look sweet and are available in a number of attractive finishes.”...


Review: Q Acoustics 3050 floorstanding speakers voted one of the top 10 best buy 10Techy

“We would highly recommend this speaker pair for music lovers who want a reliable and great sounding system” “a good match for practical consumers who are looking for a balance between...


Product Feature: SoundStage! Hi-Fi featured the 3050i in their EISA coverage

“A commanding sound with real scale and power – and it is delicate and detailed too. With a range of four attractive modern finishes, this is by far the best all...


Product Feature: The 3010 5.1speaker system is selected as one of the ‘Best speaker packages’ on What Hi-Fi?

‘Q Acoustics’ 3010i bookshelf speakers form the basis of this excellent speaker package. It’s a beautifully-balanced system with an expressive centre channel and a clear, musical presentation.’ Click here to...


Review: Q Acoustics 3050i speakers is reviewed on StereoNET

‘The Q Acoustics 3050i floor-standing speakers are a sure-fire hit. Where more blocky models may be met by unconvincing glances from partners, the 3050i’s gentle curves soften their appearance. However,...


Supreme Sound: QED Unveils Supremus Zr - Its Latest Next-Generation Flagship Loudspeaker Cable



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