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In the KANN! Astell&Kern’s latest portable DAP gets the 5 Star treatment

Kann Alpha

Astell&Kern has racked up many awards and accolades over the years for its range of premium portable high-resolution digital audio players (DAP) and the company’s latest model, the powerhouse KANN ALPHA, continues this run of success with a string of 5 star reviews from the likes What Hi-Fi?, Hi-Fi Choice, Hi-Fi World and StereoNET UK.

The ALPHA is the third-generation model of its renowned KANN series. It offers the high-power output of a headphone amplifier in a more portable design with longer battery life and Bluetooth 5.0. Basically, it can drive pretty much any headphone you decide to plug in.

“If it’s hi-res sonic chops you seek, the KANN ALPHA can deliver it in spades…It is a powerful and talented machine…Listening to hi-res music on the KANN ALPHA is a pure joy.”
What Hi-Fi?, 5 Stars
“So if you're in the market for a top-notch musical travelling partner – one that will drive any headphones or IEMs you possess – then this is it. It's an object of beauty to some eyes, whilst fulfilling its clearly defined role expertly and faultlessly. What is more, it leaves your smartphone free to handle other duties that it's much better suited to – like taking selfies”
StereoNET UK, Applause award
“If you want the bass power and dynamic punch of a top mains powered DAC, but from a portable player, then Astell&Kern's Kann Alpha is the one to hear. It has plenty of visceral wallop, plus the smooth yet deep revelation of ESS DAC chips… Outstanding - amongst the best.”
Hi-Fi World, 5 globes
“Top-tier performance justifies its price tag… During my time with it, I try a range of headphones and the KANN ALPHA drives them all valiantly. Not only that, but it sounds fresh as a daisy and bouncy as a ball; it's a truly enjoyable portable. This is a great new product from Astell&Kern...”
Hi-Fi Choice, 5 stars, Recommended award

To discover more about the KANN ALPHA and other Astell&Kern products please visit our new website at


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