The Armour Home Training Academy – Course Dates 2013

102: Systemline Modular Foundation

LOCATION: Bishops Stortford

After completing the course you will be able to supply Systemline Modular Single Source, Multi Source and TunePlay.
Enter the world of the pre wire market and discuss new solutions that developers are interested in.
Expand your client base by including an affordable, easily upgradable multi room audio system.
Pre wire hundreds of properties for a fraction of the cost of traditional distribution systems.

Systemline Modular is not available without completion of this course. We will discuss the advantages of a CAT5 wired system and how Modular is able to distribute audio using this well known data cable. Using the single source and multi source, multi zone system you will learn how to pre wire with future upgrades in mind. Every product in the Systemline Modular range will be covered including, Systemline TunePlay. TunePlay enables the user to gain control of each zone, control iTunes via their Apple iPad/iPhone and listen to the music stored on their PC. There will be a “Hands on” approach and we will cover a lot of terminologies used by custom installers in todays world.

Skills gained:
Ability to sell multi room audio systems.
Plan, pre-wire and upgrade Modular systems using CAT5.
Termination of CAT5 to speakers, keypads.

103: Systemline Modular Advanced Plus

LOCATION: Bishops Stortford
This course develops the skills gained from 102 and lets the installer offer multi-source Modular systems. We will cover aspects of wiring Cat5 for multi-source audio and video and also what considerations are needed for controlling each AV source.
The LRN-7 and KPM7.1 are used in our practical workshop where you will configure a multi-source audio and video Modular system. Later we will introduce the Advanced TouchScreen Keypad, wireless commanders and discuss how RS232 control gives an enhanced user interface when controlling compatible sources such as the Audioserver and Arcam DAB tuners.
Skills gained
  • Multi-source multi-room audio and video solutions can be offered to your clients
  • RS232 control and how this gives true feedback on display panels
  • Understand programmable IR handsets and IR macros to give the correct picture and audio from one button press.

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Training Course Feedback:

"Really enjoyed it, got everyone involved and learned a lot in two days."
Jules Carpenen - Richer Sounds

"Very personable, very informative - best training course I've done."
James Mahon

"Very good, very informative, excellent course."
Andy Dodsworth

"First Class Trainer!"
Phil Tattersall - Securitec Alarms

"Very patient man who helped me understand when I was running slower than the rest of the team."
Steve Hargreaves - TV & Video Direct