This year’s ‘must have’ new kitchen appliance... a wipe clean, flush fitted, built-in sound system

Systemline introduces ‘E200’

Clutter is a major concern and annoyance in today’s world of luxury fitted kitchens. Owners desire everything to be built-in and success is defined by the beautiful smooth lines of clutter-free work surfaces. Over the years we have seen more and more kitchen appliances; such as wine coolers and coffee makers, move off the counter top to become installed into the fabric of the kitchen. Even the humble kettle has been replaced by instant water heaters.

Of course, not everyone drinks wine or coffee, but just about everyone does want to listen to radio and/or enjoy music in their kitchen. One thing is certain however; absolutely no one wants a table radio or iPod dock looking out of place and cluttering their new work tops. Not only do standalone radios & docks take up valuable workspace, they sport a trailing power cable and a protruding whip aerial. Worse still they collect grime, are difficult to clean and on the whole sound pretty mediocre.

Systemline is a brand of Armour Home. Its Business Development Director (and Systemline founder), Bob Abraham, stated:

“The new Systemline E200 is the perfect solution for this perennial problem. In fact it’s so simple and so perfect that your first thought may be: Why hasn’t anybody done this before?”

He continued: “E200 has the look, feel and performance of a high-end custom installed sound system, with the ease of use of a radio or iPod dock, all presented in an elegant clutter free form. It’s built into the wall, which means it takes up no space and there are no visible trailing wires (a truly ‘wireless’ solution). There’s no protruding aerial and the keypad is simply ‘wipe clean’. Lastly, its excellent sound quality is dispersed throughout the kitchen, rather than being localised by the ‘radio’. Having an installed sound system in the kitchen is so obvious and logical, why would anyone not want one?”

Apart from expected features such as DAB/FM radio with pre-sets, and a dock which can also charge as well as play audio, E200 also boasts a full clock/alarm function and connectivity for TV (to make your TV sound better) as well as an optional wireless Bluetooth receiver (for wireless connectivity of a mobile phone, tablet or laptop)

We’re confident you’ll agree; every home should have one!

The E200 System price, which contains everything required, including discreet, high quality ‘Q Install’ in-ceiling loudspeakers, is £689 plus installation. We would expect an installation inclusive price to be around £1000.

Needless to say, E200 is also perfectly suited for bedrooms.


DAB and FM radio with pre-sets
Fully comprehensive radio alarm/clock function
Infrared remote control supplied
Attractive wipe clean touch sensitive control surface
Dimmable 2 line LCD display
2 x 15 Watts/channel amplifier
Fully adjustable Bass and Treble tone control
Designed to be tiled into the wall using 35mm double gang back box
Matching iPod/iPhone dock
(fully backwards compatible with all Apple™ 30 way connectors)


Hub (hidden from view)
Width: 176 mm
Height: 41 mm
Depth: 124 mm

Radio Keypad
Width: 151 mm
Height: 90 mm
Visible Depth: 11 mm (fits standard 35 mm deep double gang back box)

iPod/iPhone Dock
Width: 90 mm
Height: 90 mm
Visible Depth: 11 mm (fits standard 35 mm deep single gang back box)

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