Armour Home Is Pleased To Introduce ‘Q Install’ A Completely New Range Of ‘In-Ceiling’ Loudspeakers For The Custom Installation Market

Armour Home has used its Q Acoustics’ experience to introduce a new range of in-ceiling custom install speakers.

Designated ‘Q Install’, the new range comes from the same team and processes that produce the award winning ‘Q Acoustics’ products, renowned for their high-performance to price point ratio.

Armour Home says Q Install is a new and exciting range of installation loudspeakers, featuring the very latest styling and technology. The manufacturer also says that the products are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of custom installers and their clients.

Q Acoustics (a young brand - only established in 2006) has enjoyed an almost ‘Fairytale’ level of success from day one, says Armour. The company says the first speakers to come from the brand (the Q1000 Series) scooped the industry’s most prestigious awards and their astonishing sonic performance and value was recognised by independent reviewers around the globe. Armour adds that subsequent models received even more awards and international acclaim.

The Q Acoustics design team was also responsible for the ‘Q AV’ concept, the world’s first speakers to feature ‘BMR’ (Balanced Mode Radiator) drive units, enabling the whole family to hear great home cinema sound, wherever they sat within the room. Later innovations included the Q2000 series offering contemporary design and high performance at the brand’s traditional competitive price point in a conventional speaker design and the Q-TV2 concept that bought a serious sonic boost to the audio performance of flat screen TVs. No one (certainly not Q Acoustics themselves) could have predicted this meteoric rise, says Armour and the company maintains that today, though still the ‘new kid on the block’; Q Acoustics is almost certainly the UK’s leading brand in its sector of the hi-fi and home cinema loudspeaker market.

Fitting into new markets

The custom install world is of course very different from the more retail driven space within which the Q Acoustics brand has mainly operated. However, Armour says no less attention to detail and emphasis on performance has gone into creating this new Q Install brand.

Ashley Hutchinson; Armour Home’s channel director for custom install products says: “Q Install has been in the planning for some time. With all of Q Acoustics’ sonic expertise on board and parent company Armour Home having a leading presence in the Custom Installation market, it clearly made sense to bring the two together and create a family of installation loudspeakers, with the aim of exceeding the expectations of both installers and end-users.”

Ashley adds: “We are obviously aware there are a large number of reputable companies already competing in this market. So there would be absolutely no point in Q Install offering ‘me too’ products that are no better than the competition. Rest assured, we wouldn’t enter this important sector unless we were confident we could make a serious impact.”

Armour explains that the new Q Install speakers have been subjected to the same critical evaluation and voicing as Q Acoustics models and with the same objective of delivering exceptional sound quality, irrespective of price. Initially there are six models available, four of which can be specified with either square or round grilles, producing a total of ten variants. Professional and Performance versions are available as well as Weatherproof models.

The manufacturer tells EI that this is just the beginning of a comprehensive Q Install speaker range. One that will provide acoustic solutions for every conceivable indoor and outdoor installation application.

Q Install Key features

  • All the new models fit a standard 200mm cut and boast a 165mm polypropylene cone. In the superior ‘Performance’ variants this is an injection-moulded, mass damped, Nano Particle based PP driver, for lower distortion and colouration.

  • Q Install has used cutting edge industrial and acoustic engineering to create a striking bezel and grille design that clips magically into place.

  • Circular and square grille options are available to ensure the perfect match for each customer’s décor.

  • Shallow depth requirement - all models are less than 84mm deep.

  • Q Install speakers utilize ‘UL94’ flame retardant materials.

  • Adjustable high frequency output level feature in the Performance and Weatherproof models.

  • Swivel tweeters allow fine-tuning of the installation acoustics.

  • Tweeters are fully ‘open’ on most models avoiding the use of protective bridges through the integration of Automatic Tweeter dome Recovery technology (ATR) that restores the dome after accidental deformation.

  • Performance models feature a larger magnet assembly giving a 30% increase in program power handling capability. In addition, precision components are utilised in the crossover filters, together with gold plated connectors.

  • Grille geometry has been carefully optimised to ensure the perfect balance between sound and discreet appearance.

  • Square and circular magnetic grilles are fully interchangeable without any need to change or remove the loudspeaker.

  • All models are moisture proof, with the Weatherproof models being suitable for more extreme use. Stainless steel fixings and corrosion resistant aluminium grilles are utilised together with fully sealed drive units to ensure no water ingress.

  • Q Install speakers come carefully packaged with installation template and fitting instructions. All models feature protective driver dust covers and cloth backed grilles to facilitate painting should it be required.

  • Many models are available as singles to aid installer convenience and reduce the overhead of excess stock.

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