QED Announces New ‘Ruby Anniversary Evolution’ An ‘Audiophile’ Speaker Cable At A ‘Popular’ Price

QED; a brand of Armour Home, is very pleased to introduce a new, very high performance speaker cable, designated ‘Ruby Anniversary Evolution’.

Jack Fox, its product manager responsible for QED stated: “The new Ruby Anniversary Evolution is an outstanding loudspeaker cable, yet has a recommended retail price of only £6.00/metre. At this low cost, we believe it delivers unprecedented performance and value and will become the new reference standard for this segment.”

This new model from QED’s laboratories, celebrates its 40 years at the forefront of UK speaker cable design and utilises the technologies of both Genesis and X-TubeTM cables.

The advanced geometry has the combined effect of reducing the cable’s overall impedance (below that which would be expected of a traditional speaker cable of the same cross-sectional area) from DC right up to 100kHz. In particular, the individual parallel conductor geometry, combined with its hollow central core, creates a cable with very low inductance. This substantially reduces ‘skin effect’ and ensures the vast majority of the cable’s 3.2 mm2 cross-sectional area is used throughout the audio spectrum. The result is a speaker cable that exudes sonic neutrality, allowing good hi-fi and home cinema equipment to perform at its very best.

The cable is a conventional ‘figure 8’ configuration and is attractively finished, with each of the ten 99.999% pure copper multiple cores visible through a flexible 5.0mm diameter, clear polyethylene outer sheath. For ease of assembly and to ensure correct speaker ‘phasing’, the ‘positive’ cable is clearly marked and the whole is easily stripped and crimped into the recommended QED ‘Airloc’ loudspeaker plugs.

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