Q Acoustics, the award winning British loudspeaker company; introduces 'in-wall' models to its highly successful Q-Install range of built-in, custom installation loudspeakers

Q Acoustics is a brand of Armour Home. Asked to describe the new 'In-Wall' models, Alex Munro, its Brand Director for Consumer Products stated:
"The new Q Install in-wall models are exhilarating speakers, designed for those home cinema applications which demand both exceptional performance and the need to meet clients requirements for stylish, low profile aesthetics."

All the new 'Performance' in-wall models feature Q Install's superior Nano Particle, mass damped, polypropylene coned low frequency drive units. These boast high powered voice coil and magnet assemblies and deliver extremely low distortion as well as a high transient power capability. The high frequencies are handled by a silk dome, mesh protected tweeter. For fine system tuning, this tweeter can be 'swivelled' to focus sound into the listening area and additional high frequency, switchable level adjustments can be made on the crossover.

To ensure a smooth frequency transition on 2-way and 3-way units, all the crossovers are high order designs. Naturally, particular care has been taken to ensure that speech remains clear at all times and this is achieved via attention to the mid-range frequency response and reduction of all sources of colouration.

All the new models come with stylish low profile grilles which, for ease of installation, are magnetically attached. In pursuit of the highest possible sound quality, even the diameters of the grille holes are optimised for their frequency range.

The advanced design of the in-wall models, in particular their extremely shallow mounting requirement, increases the flexibility of installation. The maximum rear depth requirement, which is for the for the in-wall Subwoofer (Qi Sub 80SP), is less than 100mm.

There are four new models and they are all available now. Two are conventional, full range, '2-way' designs, with a choice of 6.5" (165mm) or 8" (200mm) bass/mid-range drivers. The third is another full range '2-way' model, but with three drive units in a D'Appolito array. This configuration delivers exceptional sound dispersion in both the horizontal and vertical axis; making it an ideal choice, used horizontally below a screen as a centre channel and vertically, either side of the screen, for the front left and right channels.

The fourth model, a passive 8" sub is also offered to complement the full range units by providing additional bass extension, when used with an appropriate A/V receiver and power amplifier.

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