Q Acoustics Announces Its New ‘Q-BT3’ “a brilliant audio solution for nearly every requirement”

Premium Quality Bluetooth Wireless Speakers - Which leave ‘Soundbars’ far behind!

Q Acoustics, the award winning British loudspeaker company; is pleased to announce the launch of ‘Q-BT3’, an excellent new ‘BluetoothTM’ wireless loudspeaker.

Q Acoustics is a brand of Armour Home. Asked to describe the new ‘Q-BT3’, Alex Munro, its Channel Director with special responsibility for Q Acoustics stated: “I believe we can confidently claim that, for most people, the new Q Acoustics ‘Q-BT3’ will be a brilliant audio solution for nearly every requirement. Appearance wise they simply look like a very neat, stylish pair of small hi-fi loudspeakers, available in three great modern colours. But bring your smartphone into the mix and wirelessly stream Bluetooth signals to the Q-BT3 and it’s transformed into the equivalent of a super quality modern ‘mini system’. Connect it to the audio output from your television or set-top box and the Q-BT3 comfortably outperforms typical ‘Soundbars’. For movie lovers who feel the need to ‘feel the earth move’, there’s a separate subwoofer output, to connect your subwoofer of choice; and a second line level input allows you to connect a CD, DVD, Blu-Ray player or any other ‘line level’ source.”

Alex Munro continued: “Let me be absolutely clear; the new Q-BT3 isn’t a jazzed up iPod dock or modified table radios in disguise. The Q-BT3 looks and sounds like a pair of genuine, superior quality hi-fi loudspeakers, for the very obvious and simple reason; that’s precisely what they are!”

Hidden within the Q-BT3 speakers is a dynamic, high quality, 2 x 50 Watts per channel power amplifier, a Bluetooth V4.0 wireless receiver, with advanced ‘aptX’ capability for improved sound quality, and a low distortion Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC), accessed via an optical input.

Q-BT3 boasts two analogue stereo line level inputs (1 x 3.5mm mini jack, 1 x pair phono sockets), and a toslink optical digital input. To cater for enthusiasts requiring exceptional bass sounds, a separate subwoofer output is provided.

Confirming its high fidelity credentials, each Q-BT3 speaker utilises a 25mm silk dome tweeter and 100mm coated paper cone midrange/bass unit. As in all Q Acoustics hi-fi loudspeakers, to optimise sound quality the crossover is a fourth order ‘Linkwitz-Riley’ configuration; in this instance, with the added advantage of extra fine tuning of its frequency response curve, achieved by using high precision digital filters in a DSP (Digital Signal Processor).

In addition to the small, elegant, infrared remote control included with the Q-BT3, it can also be operated by the remote controls which come with many satellite and cable TV boxes, (including UK ‘Sky’ and ‘Virgin’ models). The unit will also ‘auto switch’ between inputs when it detects a new signal. For example, if you are enjoying TV sound, but then decide to start streaming music from your smartphone or tablet, the Q-BT3 will detect this new signal and switch to its Bluetooth input.

Available in three smart colours: ‘Juice Red’, ‘Urban White’ and ‘Jet black’, the Q-BT3 is available late August 2013, from authorised Q Acoustics dealers worldwide.

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