Q Acoustics Announce New ‘Concept 20′ Loudspeaker

Q Acoustics Announces New ‘Concept 20’ Loudspeaker An Astonishing ‘Sonic Leap Forward’

Q Acoustics is a brand of Armour Home. Alex Munro, Channel Director with special responsibility for Q Acoustics stated:

“Everyone involved in the project is immensely proud of the new ‘Concept 20’ loudspeaker. It’s a beautifully styled product that delivers a level of sonic performance previously thought impossible at its price point.”

Asked how Q Acoustics had achieved this leap forward in performance? Munro replied:

“Firstly by deliberately not following what other loudspeaker companies do. Instead, our engineers have addressed the fundamental problem of loudspeaker design, which is the distortion (colouration) caused by cabinet resonance.”

He continued:

Until now, cabinet resonance has been the single factor holding back the performance of affordable loudspeakers. Technology has substantially improved drive unit performance over the decades, but cabinet designs have doggedly remained the same. To enable drive units to deliver their best possible sound quality, loudspeaker cabinets must be very rigid. However, the energy produced by drive units within a rigid cabinet, also cause it to ‘ring’ at its resonant frequency (and every harmonic of that frequency). Manufacturers have countered this problem by making expensive, heavy, high mass cabinets, which is why ‘high-end’ performance has also meant ‘high-end’ prices.”
“Rather than follow this path, Q Acoustics’ design team has approached the problem from a different angle. Applying scientific methodology and state-of-the-art technologies, such as laser spectrometry and chemical engineering, they have designed an advanced, ultra-low resonance speaker cabinet. In short, a cabinet that allows loudspeaker drive units to simply play the music, unconstrained by cabinet interference.”
“The sonic result, for a loudspeaker at its price, is nothing short of sensational.”

The Concept 20 loudspeaker cabinet incorporates ‘Gelcore Construction’TM
In effect a ‘cabinet within a cabinet’, with a special resonance-cancelling compound adhering between the inner and outer shells. This cabinet is both rigid and exhibits extremely low resonance. The latter is achieved through the resonance-cancelling compound absorbing the kinetic energy (movement) generated within the cabinet by the drive units, then dispersing it by converting it into heat.
When compared to a good conventional cabinet, radiated power (colouration) throughout the critical mid-band (voice frequencies) reduces by an average of more than -6dB. In the high and low frequencies the effect is even greater, with improvements in excess of -10dB.

Sonically Matching Floorstand

To optimise sonic performance, Q Acoustics have also incorporated ‘Gelcore Construction’TM into a unique, visually striking and resonance-free floorstand for the new loudspeaker.

Pricing and Finishes:

The speaker comes in a choice of either Gloss White or Gloss Black, lacquered finishes and has a UK suggested retail price of £350 per pair. The matching Gelcore Construction floorstand is £199 per pair.


The new Concept 20 stand mount loudspeaker will be revealed to the public for the very first time at ‘Sound & Vision’ The Bristol Show (22nd to 24th February, 2013) and will be available to purchase from authorised Q Acoustics dealers from mid March 2013


Concept 20 Enclosure type: 2-way reflex
Bass Unit: 125mm
Treble Unit: 25mm
Frequency Response: 64Hz – 22kHz
Nominal Impedance: 6Ω
Minimum Impedance: 4Ω
Sensitivity: 88dB
Recommended Power: 25 – 75w
Crossover Frequency: 2.9kHz
Dimensions H/D/W mm: 260 x 280 x 170
Weight: 5.6kg
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