PSB Launches ‘M4U 1′ Outstanding New ‘Closed-back’ Headphones

Renowned Loudspeaker Company PSB Launches ‘M4U 1’
Highly Styled, Super Quality ‘Closed Back’,
High Isolation, Over-Ear Headphones

PSB products are distributed in the UK by Armour Home. Jack Fox, Armour’s brand manager for PSB stated:

“PSB Speakers have been getting people ‘up close and personal’ with their music for more than forty years. Now PSB has packed all that experience of bringing real sound to real people into its exciting new ‘Music for You’ (M4U) series of high performance headphones.”

Mr Fox continued: “This latest addition, the ‘M4U 1’ passive, over-ear model, offers PSB’s ‘Room Feel™’ technology and the same outstanding musicality as its award-winning ‘M4U 2’ Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, but of course, without the amplification and noise cancelling. PSB’s ‘Room Feel™’ enables closed back, high isolation headphones to mirror the sonic performance of good loudspeakers and open back hi-fi headphones, but without the inherent sound leakage and interference problems.”

Just music

For at-home or on-the-go listening, these passive mode headphones are designed to give you the experience of ‘Room Feel™’, but without all the fuss. Just put them on and enjoy. No batteries or switches necessary. Just pure simple, super quality sound. Like all PSB designs, the M4U 1 model emphasises true-to-nature sound that doesn’t take anything away from the musical performance.

Just move

On a train, on a plane, from your computer to your bedroom, PSB headphones are foldable, lightweight and ready to pack onto the protective travel case provided. In short, they’re always ready to deliver great sound; home, away or somewhere in between. PSB even added a thoughtful touch – dual input connections on either side of the headphones, which means no more crossed wires. Just plug in the cable on the left or right and be within easy reach of a headphone jack no matter where it’s situated.

Just Accessories

Two tangle-free cords are included; one standard and the other featuring an in-line remote to play, pause, or skip music, as well as a microphone to take calls from iPhone® or Blackberry®. Other accessories include the protective travel case, extra ear pads, micro-fibre cleaning cloth, ¼” (6mm) stereo adaptor, and dual input flight adaptor.

Price: Recommended retail price is £219:00 per pair including VAT.
Availability: Now – from authorised PSB dealers throughout the UK .
Finishes: Three colours; ‘Black Diamond’, ‘Baltic Grey’ or ‘Monza Red’

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