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18th February 2015

Q Acoustics, the award-winning British loudspeaker brand, is very proud to introduce an all-new range of hi-fi stereo and home cinema loudspeakers (TV...

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Q Acoustics Announces New ‘In-Wall’ Loudspeakers

3rd September 2014

For a high resolution image, please click on the small image below:Qi 65RPQi80RPQiLCR 65RPQi SUB 80SPLogoQi SUB 80SP GrillQ Acoustics is a brand of Ar...

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Armour Home MBO Announced

18th July 2014

Armour Group’s current chief executive George Dexter has today announced that he has entered into an agreement with Armour Group plc to acquire the ...

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Q Acoustics Media 4

Sound Quality Is Promised To 'Raise The (Sound)Bar'

16th May 2014

QAcoustics, the award winning British loudspeaker company; is pleased to announce the launch of 'Media 4'; an excellent new and genuinely hi-fi 'Sound...

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Q Acoustics Releases The ‘Concept 40’ Another Astonishing ‘World Beating’ Loudspeaker

10th February 2014

Q Acoustics is proud to add ‘Concept 40’, a new floorstanding ‘flagship’ model, to its acclaimed loudspeaker range. Alex Munro, Q Acoustics’...

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QED Introduces Its New Reference ‘Real Glass’ Optical Digital Audio Interconnect Cable.

23rd January 2014

A Significant And Measurable Improvement In Digital Data Transfer. QED, the specialist UK hi-fi and home cinema connectivity manufacturer, is pleased...

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QED Announces New ‘Ruby Anniversary Evolution’ An ‘Audiophile’ Speaker Cable At A ‘Popular’ Price

4th December 2013

QED; a brand of Armour Home, is very pleased to introduce a new, very high performance speaker cable, designated ‘Ruby Anniversary Evolution’.Jack...

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Grado: Big News – Smaller Prices!

2nd December 2013

Grado, the New York based company widely recognised as the manufacturers of the world’s very best headphones, is delighted to announce that its awar...

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QED Introduces ‘uPlayStream’, A ‘Breakthrough’ Ultra-Affordable, Hi-Fi, Network Music Streamer

25th November 2013

QED, the UK’s leading hi-fi and home cinema ‘connectivity’ company, is pleased to introduce ‘uPlay Stream’ the latest addition to its highly...

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QED Marks Its 40th Anniversary By Introducing Two Outstanding New Analogue Interconnect Cables ‘Reference Audio 40’ and ‘Signature Audio 40’

27th September 2013

QED, the specialist UK hi-fi and home cinema connectivity manufacturer, is proud to mark its 40th Anniversary with the introduction of two entirely ne...

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The New Q Acoustics ‘7000i’ The Best Ever Sub £1000 ‘Style’ Home Cinema 5.1 Speaker Package

23rd September 2013

Award Winning Loudspeaker Company Q Acoustics is pleased to introduce its new ‘7000i’ 5.1 Style Home Cinema Speaker package. Q Acoustics is an Arm...

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Award Winning British Loudspeaker Company Q Acoustics -- Now Supplies Direct to Italian Dealers

23rd August 2013

To better support its Italian authorised dealers, award-winning British loudspeaker company by ensuring they can offer its products at competitive pri...

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Q Acoustics Announces Its New ‘Q-BT3’ “a brilliant audio solution for nearly every requirement”

2nd August 2013

Premium Quality Bluetooth Wireless Speakers - Which leave ‘Soundbars’ far behind!Q Acoustics, the award winning British loudspeaker company; is pl...

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29th July 2013

The company was founded by brothers Heinrich and Julius Scharf in 1906 to produce accessories for phonographs, the forerunner of today’s music repro...

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Alphason Designs Announces New TV Furniture

15th July 2013

Alphason Designs, a market leading UK TV stand manufacturer for nearly thirty years, is pleased to introduce three new models to its popular ‘Alpha...

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Q Acoustics Announce New ‘Concept 20′ Loudspeaker

8th July 2013

Q Acoustics Announces New ‘Concept 20’ Loudspeaker An Astonishing ‘Sonic Leap Forward’Q Acoustics is a brand of Armour Home. Alex Munro, Chan...

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Vivitek Projectors Team Up With Armour Home

1st July 2013

Armour Home is very pleased to announce it has been appointed by Vivitek Corporation to be the exclusive UK distributor of its world renowned range of...

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British HI-FI Electronics Brand ‘Myryad’ Announces New ‘Z200 Series’ Stereo Amplifier, FM Radio Tuner and CD Player

24th June 2013

“The new Myryad Z200 Series models feature ultra-clean, minimalistic styling, excellent build quality and outstanding sonic performance. We belie...

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Transform an iPad Mini into an Elegant On-Wall Touch Screen Keypad

20th May 2013

“The introduction of Apple’s new iPad Mini has sparked great interest within the Custom Install (CI) community because its convenient size and wei...

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PSB Launches ‘M4U 1′ Outstanding New ‘Closed-back’ Headphones

3rd May 2013

“PSB Speakers have been getting people ‘up close and personal’ with their music for more than forty years. Now PSB has packed all that experien...

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Imagine Acoustics Releases the ‘iStone 801’ iPad Mini Mount

5th April 2013

Imagine Acoustics products are distributed worldwide by Armour Home. Bob Abraham, Armour’s Business Development Director said: “The introduction o...

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British HI-FI Electronics Brand ‘Myryad’ Announces New‘Z200 Series’ Stereo Amplifier, FM Radio Tuner and CD Player

18th January 2013

Myryad is a brand of Armour Home. Its channel director, Alex Munro, stated: “The new Myryad Z200 Series models feature ultra-clean, minimalistic sty...

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This year’s ‘must have’ new kitchen appliance... a wipe clean, flush fitted, built-in sound system

1st November 2012

Clutter is a major concern and annoyance in today’s world of luxury fitted kitchens. Owners desire everything to be built-in and success is defined ...

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Grado Headphones + What HI-FI? Magazine = Six More Fabulous Five Star Reviews

1st November 2012

What HI-FI? magazine (October 2012) conducts a ‘Supertest’ and lists their top 50 pairs of headphones; with models priced from £20 to £2000 pe...

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QED Launches ‘uPlay Plus’ Wireless Bluetooth Reciever

24th September 2012

The new QED uPlay Plus (pronounced ‘yoo-play’) is a discreet Bluetooth Hi-Fi Receiver which incorporates the latest Bluecore 5 chipset and support...

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London 2012 Festival – Rising Star Young Violinist, Francesca Dardani Appointed ‘Grado Ambassador’

5th March 2012

World renowned headphone manufacturer Grado Labs is delighted to announce that international rising star young violinist, Francesca Dardani, has agree...

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Armour Home Is Pleased To Introduce ‘Q Install’ A Completely New Range Of ‘In-Ceiling’ Loudspeakers For The Custom Installation Market

30th January 2012

Designated ‘Q Install’, the new range comes from the same team and processes that produce the award winning ‘Q Acoustics’ products, renowned f...

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