Imagine Acoustics Releases the ‘iStone 801’ iPad Mini Mount

Imagine Acoustics products are distributed worldwide by Armour Home. Bob Abraham, Armour’s Business Development Director said: “The introduction of Apple’s new iPad Mini has sparked great interest within the Custom Install (CI) community because its convenient size and weight, when compared to a full sized tablet, makes it ideal for use as a ‘system controller’.”

“However,” Abraham continued: “this does leave an obvious gap in the market for a product that has for many years, been the mainstay of CI industry, namely the in-wall keypad.”

Historically, individual manufacturers have addressed this ‘always there’ controller requirement with proprietary in-wall Touch Screen keypads. But this solution has become less and less viable with the switch to the significantly cheaper, more flexible and more powerful iPad.

However, in-wall keypads are still important today because, to be frank, mobile control devices can often be rather too mobile and nowhere to be found just when you need them. Furthermore, if the installed system goes beyond just entertainment, for example, it includes lighting, security and automation features, an ‘always there’ controller becomes a necessity, rather than just a convenient nicety.

The new ‘iStone 801’ from Imagine Acoustics is the perfect solution. The first product in what is promised to be an extended ‘iStone’ range, the 801 transforms an iPad Mini into an ultra-elegant on-wall touch screen keypad

Manufactured in Great Britain, the iStone is named after the material from which it is precision machined. It is composed of 75% mineral (essentially stone) and 25% acrylic; giving it a look, feel and weight similar to marble.

The ‘stone’ fascia attaches to its mounting frame magnetically for ease of fitment and the avoidance of any visible screws. DC charging is provided over CAT-5 cable, allowing plenty of flexibility in terms of positioning.

‘Back-box’ agnostic, the iStone 801 can be used with a variety of back boxes from different countries and is slim enough to look great on any wall. It is therefore very easy to replace a wide variety of older proprietary keypads with an iPad Mini mounted in iStone 801. It is recommended to use a double gang back box to provide space for the CAT5/6 termination box.

The iStone 801 is the most elegant touch screen keypad solution for the wireless world – and it’s always there when you need it!

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