Grado Headphones + What HI-FI? Magazine = Six More Fabulous Five Star Reviews

Grado – Everyone’s a winner!

What HI-FI? magazine (October 2012) conducts a ‘Supertest’ and lists their top 50 pairs of headphones; with models priced from £20 to £2000 per pair. Included in their ‘Top 50’ are no fewer than six pairs of Grado headphones. The result? Every single Grado model receives a resounding Five Star review!No wonder Grado headphones will be at the top of everyone’s Christmas list again this year.

Grado iGrado

– Five Stars “Detail levels, cohesion, authority and refinement are simply outstanding for the money.”

Grado SR80i

– Five Stars “a crisp sound that’s awesomely detailed and natural. Musically faultless at this price.”

Grado iGi

– Five Stars “audio with the kind of detail, dynamics and neutrality that the vast majority of rivals can’t muster.”

Grado GR10

– Five Stars “Stunningly insightful and expressive; detailed without sounding overly analytical. The GR10s are earphones par excellence.”

Grado SR325is

– Five Stars “Perhaps the best on a ‘performance-per-pound’ basis. Offering the kind of open, detailed, dynamic and rich sound that many rivals twice the price can’t match, they’re truly stunning.”

Grado PS1000

– Five Stars “Supreme build quality; astonishing resolution and clarity; gorgeously musical. Expensive, yes, but the sound is genuinely good enough to justify every penny.”

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