A brief History

The company was founded by brothers Heinrich and Julius Scharf in 1906 to produce accessories for phonographs, the forerunner of today’s music reproduction equipment. Their very best products carried a ‘Gold Ring’ to denote their superior quality. This motif quickly became synonymous with both the company and its products and was adopted as the company name and logo. Goldring remained a family run company until it became part of Armour Home Electronics in 2003.

Very early in its development, Goldring began to specialise in the manufacture of acoustic sound boxes and later, at the beginning of the 1930s, electro-magnetic pick-up cartridges. The models Goldring produce today are the culmination of nearly 80 years experience in the design and manufacture of electro-magnetic transducers. Working with microscopes and traditional tools, as well as computers and magnifying video cameras, its highly skilled team still hand assemble the minute components of the top of the range models.

David Giffin, who heads Goldring’s production team and has been with the company for more than twenty five years, explains:

"Goldring’s design philosophy has remained unchanged throughout its 100 year history. Our goal today is the same as it was for the company’s founders all those years ago. We simply want Goldring owners to fully enjoy the wonderful musical performances we know are embedded within the grooves of their records.”

Today; as well offering its own world renowned ranges of moving magnet and moving coil turntable cartridges and accessories, Goldring provides a bespoke, worldwide refurbishment, repair, cleaning and re-tipping service for most makes and models of cartridges and stylii, tailored individually for vinyl enthusiasts.

For more information regarding this service, please visit and complete the online form for a quotation.

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