Armour Asia, a subsidiary of Armour Home, was created at the beginning of 2007 to support and promote Armour Home across Asia-Pacific. The operation, based at offices in the Asian hub of Hong Kong, has enabled Armour Home to better manage its business activities within the region both as a purchaser of raw materials and manufactured goods and as a seller of finished branded products.

Armour Asia pursues opportunities for Armour Home, acting as a conduit for the research and development functions and working more closely with component suppliers. In addition, the Division showcases the latest products to open up sales channels throughout the region and forms part of Armour Home's planned expansion into new international markets.

In 2008 Armour Asia added warehouse facilities which supply a broad range of the Armour portfolio of product directly to local Asia-Pacific markets; with a large stock holding the warehouse facility is expanding every year and is becoming a valuable asset for the group and its distribution partners.

In 2009 the success of the office has changed the dynamics of the company to allow it to represent third party companies in product sourcing, quality management and sales distribution.

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