Grado, the world’s best headphones
now Even better!

Grado, the New York based company widely recognised as the manufacturers of the world’s very best headphones, is excited to introduce The e Series.

The e Series is Grado Labs’ third generation of headphones and are unquestionably its best ever models.

In designing The e Series Grado has revisited every single component, surface, and material used in its headphones, and each has been optimised and upgraded to achieve one simple goal: unparalleled dynamics and sonic fidelity. 

Improvements include fine-tuning the magnetic field, (by modifying the magnetic motor structure) to ensure greater symmetry throughout the full movement of the voice coil, and further refinements within the headphone housing to prevent stray resonance from interacting with the driver.

Even the glue is new, optimised for greater strength, better reliability and most importantly, less mass.

Naturally, The e Series retains Grado’s classic design, drawing as it does, from industrial and organic inspirations.

One of the first lucky people to test the new headphones was Jonathan Grado, the third generation Grado family member to join the company and recently appointed VP of Marketing. Jonathan stated:

“I’ve been listening to The e Series for a couple of months now, and it’s as if a curtain has been pulled away from my favourite tracks. The sound is so clear it’s hard for me to enjoy music on anything else.”

Grado headphones are distributed in the UK by Armour Home. Alex Munro, its Brand Director for Consumer Products added:

“We’ve been privileged to distribute Grado’s wonderful open-back headphones for nearly 20 years and their track record means we always expect them to produce class leading models. But even we didn’t expect the improvements in sonic performance produced by The e Series. They are quite extraordinary in every aspect of the sound.”

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