Vivitek is a leader manufacturer of award winning digital projection and display devices, incorporating the latest innovations and technologies. The extensive line-up consists of projectors for home cinema, education, large venue and data projectors, Vivitek was the first to launch a full high-definition LED home cinema projector and was among the first to offer Full HD projectors to the mass market consumer, as well as 3D-ready digital projectors featuring DLP link® from Texas Instruments. The company believes in the active responsibility in both its manufacturing and business processes and programs. All products have an ecology-conscious design, such as lead-free soldering, intelligent cooling systems and high-efficiency power systems and are manufactured in "green" factories, Vivitek is part of the most renowned eletronics manufacturer in the world, headquartered in Taiwan and brings products to the market that are built on more than 10 years of designing, manufacturing and engineering experience. The vast engineering know-how that is behind Vivitek supports its objective to position itself as a global technology leader in the projector business.

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