Convert an iPad Mini in to an elegant on-wall touch screen keypad

In the age of wireless devices, it is easy to overlook the importance of a fixed “always there” touch screen keypad. Because sometimes, mobile devices can be a little too mobile, and are nowhere to be found at the very moment you need one. This becomes even more important when control goes beyond entertainment and embraces lighting and automation. At this stage, fixed control points become essential rather than desirable.

Historically these keypad controls were proprietary to each manufacturer, but now, in the age of open standards, this is neither cost effective nor appropriate. More to the point, nothing comes close to the iPad Mini in terms of size, power and flexibility. Lets face it, the iPad has taken over as the control device of choice.

iStone 801 enables the iPad Mini to be used as an on-wall keypad housed in an elegant “stone*” surround.


  • Magnetically attached 12mm thick fascia precision manufactured from 75% mineral (stone) and 25% acrylic
  • Maintains iPad Microphone and speaker support
  • Easy & secure fitment
  • Lightning connector mount
  • Fits over just about any style and shape of box-back – so easily retrofitable
  • Charging over Cat5/6 cable over a distance of 20 metres (60 feet) – termination adaptors included
  • Uses the Lightning cable and charger supplied with iPad
  • Dimensions: 272mm (longest side) x 188mm (shortest side) x 11mm depth (distance from rear of iStone fascia to wall) Total depth including fascia 23mm
  • Portrait or landscape orientation
  • Colour white as standard, black available at extra cost.


What is iStone?

iStone is an elegant mounting system for converting an iPad Mini in to an 8” universal on-wall touch screen keypad.

What is iStone’s fascia made from?

The iStone takes its name from the material which it is precision manufactured from which consists of 75% mineral (stone) and 25% acrylic which forms a material with a look, feel and weight similar to marble.

Can I easily remove my iPad if I need to?

Yes, the iStone fascia is fixed magnetically to the enclosure and the iPad simply slides out. This can be done in seconds.

Can I use iStone to replace my existing keypad?

Yes, this is really easy, because the iStone can fit over any existing back-box without having to change anything. The only criteria is that the system in question must be iPad controllable and that there is a CAT5 cable available that can be used for charging.

Can I use iStone to provide me with a touch screen keypad for systems that don’t have their own keypads?

Most wireless systems don’t have a fixed keypad option and iStone is a great way of adding one. To facilitate charging, it would require a standard back-box to be fitted along with a CAT5 cable that can be run to a charging point. Alternatively, the iPad may be removed for charging.

How is the CAT5/6 cable connected?

Supplied with iStone is two connecting blocks, one sits in the back-box of iStone and is preterminated with a flying USB female socket. The second connects at the charging end, and is fitted with a flying USB plug. This plugs straight in to the iPad charger.