Imagine Acoustics Ltd is a new company with a strong pedigree. Established by a 39 year Hi-Fi industry veteran with a view to bringing fresh thinking on the type of products required to listen to music in the 21st century.

Something that just sounds great is no longer good enough. We also need to embrace the aesthetic. A product must look good as well as sounding great We are looking to offer a unique blend of innovative sound reproduction solutions with the type of custom finish options usually reserved for one-off custom installations.

But don’t let this fool you in to thinking that we don’t take the sound seriously, because we do. We have worked with one of the UK’s foremost acoustic engineers to ensure that our products sound fabulous. We have then combined this with experience in art and framing to ensure that we can provide you with a product that is just what you are looking for.

Our unique approach

As we continue to move ever closer to a wireless world, it is no surprise that wireless is becoming the natural connectivity of choice for the latest generation of smart mobile devices. CD’s are on the way out and the concept of a dock is becoming a thing of the past, because the best place to use your smart mobile device is in the palm of your hand. So what is needed is a designed-for-purpose, high quality wireless sound reproduction system. And that is exactly what SoundScene is.

SoundScene not only sounds great thanks to its powerful 4 x 25 Watt amplifier and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) equalised low-profile BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) speaker drive units which combine to deliver high quality wide dispersion sound, it look great too, because you can choose the look that’s right for you.

Several companies have proven that it is possible to deliver great sound from a shallow on-wall speaker enclosure designed to look like a picture. But these products tend to have two limitations in common. Firstly they require external amplification, which adds to clutter and requires an amplifier to be manually switched on before use. And secondly, they require the use of acoustically transparent material (for the sound to pass through), which limits choice and reduces image resolution.

SoundScene overcomes both of these problems by firstly building in digital signal sensing which automatically switches the system on or off. And secondly, makes use of four individually amplified and tuned ultra low profile side facing speakers. This means that the front of the frame can be covered with any material, be it paper, fabric, canvass, wood or glass etc.

SoundScene is available in two models. Model 1 comes with built-in Apple AirPlay technology. And Model 2 is designed to accommodate a Sonos ZP90 wireless receiver so that it can be used as part of a Sonos multi-room system.

Manufacture – made in the UK

Each SoundScene is manufactured to order, with assembly and frame manufacture in our Old Woking facility, and the SoundEnclosure manufactured by our woodworking partner based near Thame in Oxfordshire.

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